Live-in Caregiver Job Description


All Candidates for Live-In must have at least 2 years of consistent work history in the field and must possess some form of certification (NA, CNA etc). This information must be provided along with a police record, excellent references and previous experience with providing eldercare assistance. Candidates must also be registered or applied for registration with the Bermuda Nursing Council and/or Aging and Disability. Must be non-smokers and possess a valid First Aid / CPR certification and a clean criminal record.

Candidates will possess a loving, kind, and patient deportment, and offer exceptional references. Further, the Caregiver will work rotating shifts as shared with an alternate carer that will include nights, weekends and public holidays, and live in on demand to accommodate emergencies or any scheduled leave.


The key duties and responsibilities of a Live-In caregiver may include some or all of the following:

  • Social Pursuits
  • General companionship and conversation
  • Going on walks or sitting outside
  • Bedroom Care
  • Help with getting in and out of bed
  • Straighten room
  • Change bed sheets
  • House Duties
  • General house cleaning
  • General dusting and cleaning of home surfaces
  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Meal Preparation
  • Assist with grocery shopping
  • Preparing meals
  • Clean, dry and put away dishes
  • Wipe counters and stove
  • Personal Care
  • Personal hygiene care
  • Medication administering & monitoring
  • Assist with toiling
  • Assist with personal grooming
  • Assist with bathing
  • Assist with dressing
  • Assist with exercises
  • Observe and record health or behavioral changes
  • Other
  • Running errands
  • Other ad hoc duties as required
  • Accompany to Medical appointments


  1. Provide Client with a Full-Time Live-in Caregiver to work 5 days per week, 12 hour shifts, (8am-8pm), plus on call 7 nights per week (on call).
  2. Make all arrangements in preparations for Sick, Vacation and other emergency coverage
  3. Make preparations for all Replacements/Reassignments
  4. Health Insurance Coverage for Caregiver
  5. Social Insurance Coverage for Caregiver
  6. Processing of Work Permit Application (renewal)
  7. Advertising for the position in local news papers
  8. Purchasing of Return Ticket for Caregiver from their home country
  9. Cover all other Administrative Costs


  1. Provide Room and Board at no additional cost to the Caregiver
  2. Make arrangement for Alternate Caregiver to cover two twelve-hour shifts per week (8am-8pm) on the regular caregiver’s days off. This can be done through BEAMS at a reduced rate.


  1. Live-In Caregiver costs are paid on a per month basis and not per hour like regular caregiver services.
  2. Salaries are determined by the amount of work required by the client to be performed by the caregiver, and is usually discussed and settled upon before the caregiver is hired.


  1. Live-ins are entitled to two days off per week from 8am-8pm each day
  2. Live-ins are entitled to at least 2 hours break in the day, which they can take at certain intervals and break up into small segments throughout the day. Most caregivers usually factor this while the person is resting or when there is a down time.
  3. Live-Ins are entitled to Public Holidays, however if they are asked to work, they are paid at time and a half.


Because most Bermudians prefer not to work as Live-In Caregivers, Live-Ins are usually brought in from outside of bermuda. Therefore all available positions will have to be advertise the local Bermuda newspaper for a minimum of 3 weeks in order for qualified and bonafide Bermudians, Spouse of Bermudians or Permanent Residents of Bermuda to apply for the position. If there are no Bermudian applicants, BEAMS will submit work permit application for the selected candidate, which usually takes another two to three weeks. All selected candidates must be able to travel through the USA, Canada or the UK and must possess a valid Visa or other travel document from one of these jurisdiction in order to be granted a work permit for Bermuda. Please research the Bermuda work permit and immigrations policy at

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